2017 Honda Civic Si vs Volkswagen Golf GTI: Different Roads, Same Rivalry

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The 2017 Honda Civic Si is going up against the Volkswagen Golf GTI and while they are rivals they are both going down different roads to vie for the affection of consumers.

The Honda Civic Si has been seen out on the roads but it was hidden away from view. From what we could see it does look a lot like the prototype that was seen at the LA Auto Show.

It offers a rear wing that is lower, the body kit has been toned down and it comes with wheels that are bigger. The exterior of the Honda Civic Si does seem to be along the lines of the concept and we are expecting red accent highlights a sporty looking vehicle, with seats in the front that are bolstered and carbon fibre trim.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI wants to stand out from the crowd in Australia as Oettinger, the German tuner, are offering upgrades backed by the factory. The upgrades are going to be offered from next month and Volkswagen hope that they will push the vehicle ahead of the 2017 Honda Civic Si.

They said that that the body kit comprises of front spoiler, rally style rear diffuser, side skirts, a larger rear wing and quad exhaust outlet. The aftermarket kit will take the Volkswagen Golf GTI to the next level when it comes to looks.

At the moment there is no pricing on the aftermarket kit for the Volkswagen Golf GTI kits. We do know that the kit is going to be covered for the factory warranty time if it has been fitted from new. A two year warranty is available for existing vehicles that go for the kit.

But will the aftermarket kit put the Volkswagen Golf GTI ahead of the Honda Civic Si for looks?

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