2017 Honda Civic Si: Nicer Guy Than Type-R

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Both the 2017 Honda Civic Si and the Type-R are great performance vehicles but there are differences between them and the nicer of the two is the Civic Si.

The all new Honda Civic Si looks stunning in red and we are expecting the 2017 version to arrive in the US early on next year. Then there is the Honda Civic Type-R and this is going to be made available during the middle of 2017.

One of the biggest questions on the lips of people is why bother making two performance versions of the Honda Civic? It seems that Honda split the 10th gen development of the Civic into two separate streams and they are both made to suit consumers in the US.

The Honda Civic Si is going to arrive as a coupe or sedan and you might want to think of the vehicle as being a Civic Plus. The Si is going to have the Civic engine and this is the 1.5 litre turbocharged four-cylinder, which has been upgraded. It is also coming with upgrades to the brakes, suspension, limited slip differential and a six speed manual that is going to be more precise.

The Honda Civic Si is going to have everything that people love about the Civic, including convenience and the usability but with the addition of a good measure of zing to it.

The Honda Type-R will be something of a beast offering up 306 horses and having superb looks. The 10th generation of the vehicle is going to be made only as a hatchback. The chassis along with suspension and drivetrain is going to be tuned to ensure drivers get the maximum from it. The 2 litre turbocharged four-cylinder is going to offer up more than 306 horses and 295 torque and six speed manual transmission with front-wheel drive.

So if you are a fan of the Civic you are going to love both the Honda Civic Si and the Honda Type-R, but which would you choose?

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