2017 Honda Civic Si Is A Lot Nicer Than Civic Type-R

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The Honda Civic Type-R and the 2017 Honda Civic Si are both performance vehicles. While they share a lot in common there are many differences between them and one is that the nicer of the two is the Si.

The Honda Civic Si was shown off recently with a red paintjob and the vehicle is going to arrive in the US towards the middle of the year. The Honda Civic Type-R is also making its way out and it too should be here soon.

So why does Honda offer up two versions of performance vehicle? Well Honda split the 10th gen Civic development into two different streams so that both suit people in the US.

The Honda Civic Si will be available as a coupe or sedan and some people have called it a Civic Plus. The vehicle is going to offer the 1.5 litre turbocharged four cylinder engine and this will have been given an upgrade. This includes to the brakes, suspension and the six speed manual transmission.

The Honda Civic Type-R is going to offer up 306 horses along with some great looks. The 10th generation will arrive in hatchback form and the drivetrain, suspension and chassis is going to be fine-tuned. The 2 litre engine is the turbocharged four cylinder and this is going to give up 306 horsepower and 295 torque with six speed manual and front-wheel drive.

But which would you choose; would you go for the Honda Civic Si or the Honda Civic Type-R?