2017 Honda Civic Hatch: The Small Surprises

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If you’ve driven in the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe while you were in San Diego, chances are you’d rather fall for the 2017 Civic Hatchback instead. From being styled exceptionally to offering a comfortable interior as well as optimizing your driving experience with the rear hatch access equipped, the Civic Hatchback would be everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Under the hood of this hot hatchback would like a 2.0-litre normally aspirated Earth Dreams™ power plant engine alongside a 6-speed manual transmission that would defy all the criticisms the former had had previously. We’ve also heard that the Civic Hatchback produces a good 10% more torque than the outgoing 9th generation Civic, when it’s being driven in fourth gear.

Though Honda claims that this is going to be a concept car instead, the spies from Autoblog suggest that the production car would be rather close to the one you’re going to see next week at the Geneva Auto Show. It’s still going to be that hatchback that would capture your eye, since you’ll be expecting it to offer some great utility in and around the car.

We’re pretty sure your love for hatchbacks would continue on as long as you’ve put this into your consideration as well. What do you think about the latest 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback design?

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