2017 Honda Civic Doesn’t Want Honda Accord Buyers

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A study has revealed that people in the age group of 25 to 39 prefer to go for the cheaper and smaller cars that offer more technology and they hang onto them for about 5 years. People who were born during the 60s and 70s tend to keep their vehicles for 10 years or more and take reliability and price into account more. So the younger people choose vehicles such as the 2017 Honda Civic, while the older ones go for the Honda Accord.

The Honda Civic came out ahead for the younger age group, with people ranging from 40 to 54 choosing the bigger and more costly Honda Accord. What was surprising was when it came to choosing a pickup truck. The former generation chose the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the younger the Ford F-150.

When it came to SUVs the millennials went for the Honda CR-V and the generation Xs chose to go with the Toyota RAV4.

But do you agree with these findings, would you choose the 2017 Honda Civic or would you go for the Honda Accord?

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