2017 Honda Accord & Its Shocking New Secret

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The 2017 Honda Accord hybrid comes with a secret that is going to be shocking. The Hybrid moved from stateside manufacturing to Japan and was given the Atkinson Cycle engine along with a two motor upgrade and it was said to be the best build in the whole history of the Accord.

The Honda Accord Hybrid offers small displacement along with regenerative braking and low emissions along with the I.C engine and it does very well with them all.

The Honda Accord Hybrid brings 212 horses and this is going to be one of the highest for any midsized hybrid to be offered in North America.

It is said that the Honda Accord Hybrid will bring with it an efficient second generation two motor hybrid powertrain that is more powerful. Honda is hoping that there is going to be significant growth in sales with the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid.