2017 Ford Ranger vs Honda Ridgeline In Dream Fight

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Many people want to see the 2017 Ford Ranger take on the Honda Ridgeline in the US, but will it happen? We have heard a lot of talk going around and of course there has been confirmation that the Honda Ridgeline is coming our way but we have yet to hear about the Ford Ranger.

The engine on the Honda Ridgeline is 3.5 litres and it is a V6 that offers up fuel economy ratings that are superb. The vehicle offers Intelligent Terrain Management and this allows owners to move between normal, sand, mud and snow modes.

The Honda Ridgeline comes with lots of safety features and this includes lane keeping assistance along with lane departure warning and forward collision.

The Ford Ranger has been seen on the roads in the US and it is thought that the vehicle is going to be on the roads by 2017. When it comes to the Honda Ridgeline we don’t have any idea as to when it will arrive.