2017 Ford Ranger Price Tag On The Rise Closer To US Release Date

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The 2017 Ford Ranger price tag keeps rising as we get closer to the release date in the US. Ford Malaysia said that the rise has been around RM5, 300 and all variations of the vehicle have had price tag rises apart from the 2.2XL version.

The Ford Ranger 2.2 XLT has a price tag of RM102, 268, the 2.2 automatic XLT is RM109, 688. You can now get the 3.2 XLT for RM111, 808 and the automatic is RM119, 238.

The price tag increases of the 2017 Ford Ranger mean that the Ranger XLT variations are now going to offer the factory fitted camera at the back of the vehicle. The camera has the 4.2 inch SYNC display and it comes with rear park assistance.

At the top end of the range is the Ford Ranger Wildtrak in the 3.2 litre automatic. This has seen the biggest price increase as it is now RM137, 488.

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