2017 Ford Mustang Flaunts Shelby’s Pumped Up Kicks

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Shelby offers parts to the Ford Mustang with the intention of enhancing the Mustang and they are offering the Mustang some new kicks by way of the Venom wheel that is from WELD Racing for Shelby. The wheel is said to be stronger and lighter than the cast wheels, which should ensure that the Mustang is light on its feet.

The Venom wheel has been made from flow-formed technology and Shelby has said that the wheels increase shock load resistance along with offering increased flex tolerance when compared with the manufactured wheel. One of the biggest differences is the thickness of the wheel barrel.

The Venom wheels are available in a range of different sizes for the Ford Mustang and they come in three different colors. Of course they don’t come in cheap and you can expect to pay $425 each for the wheels. This means that the new kicks for the Mustang are twice that of the Razor wheels that you can pick up for $225 on the website of Shelby. On the plus side they are cheaper than the Shelby Venice wheels with a price tag of $949.

But would you put the new kicks from Shelby on your Ford Mustang?

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