2017 Ford GT Looks Short Alongside Corvette Z06

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When you see the new Ford GT alongside the Corvette Z06, the GT looks short in more ways than one.

The Ford GT is lower in height than the Corvette Z06 and while the GT looks shorter in length it is also behind the Corvette Z06 when it comes to numbers.

This is due to the fact that the Ford GT has a smaller V6 EcoBoost engine and it falls short by 100ft-lbs of what the Corvette Z06 can offer. However both of the vehicles do have the same amount of horses.

This is not to say that the Ford GT is the weaker of the two vehicles. Ford did confirm that the GT is the fastest production vehicle to come from them up to now, so of course this says it all.

What we wanted to point out is the fact that the Ford GT is more attractive vehicle but according to the brochure it comes in second best when at the side of the Corvette Z06. When you get both vehicles out on the track the GT would perhaps be the one to triumph.

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