2017 Ford GT: Corvette ZO6 Figures May Be Outstanding But They’re Meaningless

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If you want a super-fast vehicle then you might be considering the Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 or the new Ford GT. The latter may win out as it does tick all the boxes of being a dream car thanks to the superb design, fast performance and it coming with better driving technology.

If you go on the spec sheet the Chevrolet ZO6 does beat the Ford GT and this may have some people thinking that the GT is the slower of the two.

Both vehicles offer the same amount of horsepower; however the Corvette Z06 does have more torque. It also offers the bigger displacement engine and this offers up more promise than the V6 twin-turbocharge EcoBoost engine on the Ford GT.

On saying this, the Ford GT is the fastest production road legal version and when it takes on the Corvette ZO6 in a race, the results can be different.