2017 Ford Focus RS vs Mercedes AMG A45: Are Buyers In The US Being Short-changed?

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The Mercedes-AMG A45 is something of a needle in a haystack in the market in the US. If you want to get behind the wheel of a hot hatchback that offers up more than 350 horses then you would have to look at the Ford Focus RS at $36,000 and you would also have to add on the Mountune Performance pack.

Thanks to the add-on the Ford Focus RS would give you 370 horses along with 376 torque and this would put it alongside the Mercedes AMG A45 with its 370 horses and 369 torque.

But whether or not the Ford Focus RS would have what is needed to fill the void left by the Mercedes-AMG A45 remains to be seen. There is much more to performance vehicles than the output figures.

If you are wondering whether the US market is being short-changed by not having the Mercedes AMG A45 you can take a look at the video below, which compares it with the Ford Focus RS.

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