2017 Ford Fiesta ST: Poor Interior, Shortage Of Doors

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The 2017 Ford Fiesta ST200 has been unveiled days before the official debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and as much as it’s seemingly garnering lots of attention already, we’re not sure if that leans towards the good or the bad. That’s because the UK version of it would be so disappointing you’d regret you even anticipated it at first.

Sure, it’s going to produce more horsepower than ever before (the 1.6-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine delivers an increased power from 180bhp to 197bhp), alongside increased torque as well (180lb-ft to 214lb-ft). But there’s no denying that the hideous interior design would make you overlook all the good the ST200 has to offer.


You’ll be expecting to see a shorter steering arm, making the steering ratio quicker, the front steering knuckle being modified, front and rear damper settings refreshed, and the brakes also being beefed up at the rear, among others. We bet you’re going to think of the complicated alignment of the interior as super complicated.

Moreover, people have been expecting for it to be offered the same treatment as in the US, because the latter gets a 5-door option, while the one in UK doesn’t. It’s not very practical for a supposedly-meant-to-be compact and practical hatchback. So you probably shouldn’t have this considered as one of your to-buy cars.


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