2017 Ford Fiesta ST Outshine By New Sibling

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The Ford Fiesta ST model might still be the fastest Fiesta here in the US but it might get outshine by a new sibling in Europe as Ford announces a new and faster Fiesta model that they will be releasing in Europe.

We thought that the ST is the best we can get after Ford announce that the Ford Fiesta RS model is not going to happen but it looks like we were wrong. Called the Ford Fiesta ST200, the new model will be coming in to sit above the current Ford Fiesta ST model.

Powered by a 197hp engine, the Ford Fiesta ST200 will be delivering about 214lb ft of torque and average. That is not the best the Ford Fiesta ST200 will have to offer either as the Ford Fiesta ST is able to offer about 212hp and 236lb ft of torque with over boost.

According to Ford, the Fiesta ST200 will only need 6.7seconds to go from 0-62mph. Besides getting a performance upgrade, the ST200 will also be fitted with a few new features like Recaro bucket seats, 17inch alloy wheels and more.