2017 Ford F-150 Aluminum Won’t Be Available To Others

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Car makers have been doing their best to boost the average fuel efficiency of their vehicles as regulators have been turning the heat up for national fuel economy standards. To do this car makers have been introducing new platforms, making use of smaller turbo charged engines and using more aluminum in the vehicles.

However now the demand for use of aluminum has skyrocketed and so much so that suppliers in North America say that they cannot meet the demands, so this means that no more additional orders can be fulfilled.

Production of the aluminum sheet metals has come to a grinding halt for many suppliers and one of them is Novelis, which is the company that sells the raw material to Ford so that they can use it in their F-150 pickup.

This means that the full-size truck could be responsible for the shortage of aluminum that we are going to see it the market in the US.

It also means that there isn’t going to be enough supply to go around for other car makers who want to follow in the footsteps of Ford F-150. It is thought that being higher up the supply chain; Novelis will be investing so as to boost capacity of production.

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