2017 Ford Explorer: What We Ought To Know

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The 2017 edition of the Ford Explorer would only undergo some very minor changes, but will still be fairly noticeable. It’s going to have an upgraded Sync 3 interface, while other improvements made are not significant enough for it to actually stand out among the rest, or is it not?

We should be expecting for the Explorer to have a refined styling, a new turbocharged engine, and a new luxury flagship model (the Platinum) that’s about to be pioneering some major differences in the years to come for Ford’s later models. But the most significant impact done for the current model is the one and only Sync 3 update.

You’re probably not wanting to get the 2017 instead and stick with your decision to go with the 2016 model, and we’re totally not disagreeing on that. Unless you’re just waiting to receive the major upgrade done to the Sync 3 system, there’s really nothing much that differs it from the 2016 model, so it would still be a bummer for most people.

Even the styling cues wouldn’t be too far-fetched, and no mechanical changes would be made. There’s nothing much we can boast about the Ford Explorer here, so do us a favour and leave some comments so we’ll know we might have something left out. On the other hand, we think it’s not that safe a bet to get the Explorer this time around.

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