2017 Ford Explorer RS vs Ford Bronco: The Battle We Wish Was Real

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There is really no better time for Ford to bring back the Ford Bronco than now but despite the fans begging Ford to bring it back, Ford does not seem to be interested in actually bringing back the Ford Bronco.

The latest rumor about the Ford Bronco suggests that Ford might start the Ford Bronco production in 2019, two years after the Ford Ranger production start. It was also said that the Ford Bronco will be built alongside the Ford Ranger at their Michigan plant.

Initial rumor suggest that the Ford Bronco might be heading to the Detroit Auto Show but there was no sign of the Bronco at the event.

Fans were also hoping that Ford might work on a new Ford Explorer RS model as well. Do you think these two models will get the thumbs up from Ford or will they just stay as vehicles we can only dream about?

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