2017 Ford Edge: Could Ford Has Run Out Of Marketing Ideas?

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If you say a phrase using a low bass voice that has a unique tone it’s not too difficult to make a product look attractive. However when it comes to Ford and their ads it seems that perhaps they are run out of marketing ideas for promoting their vehicles.

We say this due to the fact that that a tagline from Ford promotes the pistons of the Ford Edge. The car maker was quoted saying that the new version of the Edge comes with pistons on the inside of the EcoBoost engine.

Perhaps you don’t know how cars work and if this is the case then the tagline used above may sound very exciting and attractive to you. However when it comes to it the pistons are a core feature that are found on every engine, it isn’t anything special on the Ford Edge.

We think that Ford need a better marketing team if they have to try and sell a vehicle based on the fact that it has pistons in the engine.

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