2017 Ford Bronco vs Ford Explorer RS: This Is A Truly Huge Fight

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People want Ford to bring back the Ford Bronco after such a long absence on the roads. At the same time some have said that they would like to see a Ford Explorer RS. Wouldn’t it be great if they were both launched and took on each other in a truly huge fight? But which would come out ahead?

People thought that the Ford Bronco would make an appearance on the roads after it was shown at the Detroit Auto Show, but it didn’t. What’s more nothing more has been said about the vehicle and all we have at the moment are renderings from fans. These have been made based on previous generations along with SUVs and other trucks from Ford.

However the love and need for the Ford Bronco hasn’t died as some fans have dedicated a forum to the 6th gen Bronco and many people are waiting for Ford to make it a reality.

A Ford Explorer RS would be a great edition to the line-up of Ford and this may be the perfect SUV for winter as it could handle ice and snow conditions superbly.

While the Ford Bronco and the Ford Explorer RS may be two total opposites they do share one thing in common and that is that they would offer a superb driving experience.

But which would you rather own, the Ford Bronco or the Ford Explorer RS?

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