2017 Ford Bronco vs Ford Explorer RS: This Is A Huge Battle

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People want the Ford Bronco back and they want it back now. Some people however would also like to see the Ford Explorer RS make it back to the roads to take on the Bronco.

The last time that we saw the Ford Bronco was when it made its appearance at the Detroit Auto Show. It was thought that following this it would come to the showrooms but this wasn’t to be. All we have at the moment are renders made from fans that have been made around previous generations of the Bronco along with other SUVs and trucks.

There is still a lot of love for the Ford Bronco though as fans have shown when they dedicated a forum to the 6th generation version. Now many people are hoping that the new Bronco is heading their way.

Meanwhile people believe that the Ford Explorer RS should make its way out before winter as many have said that this is the perfect SUV for dealing with wintery snow and ice conditions.

The Ford Explorer RS and the Ford Bronco are both totally different trucks but they do have one thing in common and this is that they offer a driving experience that is amazing.

But which would be on your drive, would it be the Ford Bronco or the Ford Explorer RS?.

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  1. Vinnie

    April 30, 2016 at 8:27 am

    Ford bronco all the way,not only the best suv of its time,but still stands strong and conquers.