2017 Ford Bronco vs Ford Explorer RS: This Is A Battle Of Big Proportions

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There are plenty of people who want to see the return of the Ford Bronco and the same applies to the Ford Explorer RS. Let’s face it we have been waiting for the arrival of the Bronco for many years and if they should both arrive it would be a battle of mythical proportions.

People have been waiting for the arrival of the Bronco since it made an appearance at the Detroit Auto Show, but sadly it never made its way out. What we have seen are renderings by fans who have used elements of past versions along with SUVs and trucks.

It does seem that the love for the Ford Bronco hasn’t died as there is a forum that has been dedicated to the sixth gen Bronco.

People also want to see the Ford Explorer RS as this has been said to be the perfect SUV for the winter due to the fact that it can deal with icy and snowy conditions with ease.

The Ford Bronco and the Ford Explorer RS are two different trucks but they both offer a driving experience that is going to be amazing. But which would you rather own?