2017 Ford Bronco vs Ford Explorer RS: The Family Squabble

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Fans have been asking for Ford to bring the Ford Bronco back even though the reason why it was taken off the market in the first place was because they were not selling enough of it to keep it around.

But if Ford does plan to bring the Ford Bronco back, there is no better time than now to do it. The sudden rise of demands for trucks, the Ford Bronco could be a nice addition to the Ford lineup. Despite all the rumors and speculation, we have not heard a thing from Ford yet. Of course, the Ford Bronco is not the only model the fans has been asking for.

There were also speculations that Ford might be thinking about bringing in the Ford Explorer RS model as well. We are all for more Explorers. If Ford does decide to build one of these trucks, which truck do you think they should build?

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