2017 Ford Bronco Takes on Ford Explorer RS In Huge Fight

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There are a lot of people who would like to see the 2017 Ford Bronco make its arrival back onto the roads. At the same time there are some people who want the Ford Explorer RS to make an appearance too. It would be great if both vehicles came out to onto the roads once again to fight each other.

People thought that the Ford Bronco may make its appearance at the Detroit Auto Show but then this didn’t pan out. We haven’t seen or heard about the Bronco coming back, other than rumours going around. What we have seen are renderings of the Bronco from people who really want the truck to make an appearance.

We have also seen a forum pop up that is dedicated to the sixth generation of the Ford Bronco and these people want the renderings and rumours about the vehicles arrival to become a reality.

We do hope that the Ford Explorer RS is going to look just as good as the people imagine it will and this may become the perfect winter SUV for the upcoming winter. This is due to it being just about perfect when dealing with snow and ice.

The Ford Bronco and the Ford Explorer RS may be two totally different trucks, but there is a lot of love for them and both offer up an amazing ride.

But which would you choose? Would you go for the Ford Explorer RS or would you choose the Ford Bronco?