2017 Ford Bronco Takes on Ford Explorer RS in Huge Battle

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There are many people who would like to see the 2017 Ford Bronco roll back into production and many would also like to see the Ford Explorer RS. But how would these two do in a battle against each other?

Some thought that the Ford Mustang might have made its appearance at the Detroit Auto Show, but of course this wasn’t to be. We have seen plenty of renders by fans though and for now we are having to make do with these. There are many though who would like to see the real deal come our way after such a long absence.

People also want to see the Ford Explorer RS make its way out and many people thought that this would in fact be the perfect SUV for winter.

The Ford Explorer RS and the Ford Mustang are both two superb vehicles but they are total opposites. Both would be amazing if they were to become reality, but which would you choose?