2017 Ford Bronco Takes On Ford Explorer RS In Big Fight

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Many people want to see the arrival of the Ford Bronco back onto the market after it has been away for so long. Some people have also wondered if we are going to see the arrival of the Ford Explorer RS.

Following its appearance at the Detroit Auto show some people thought that the Bronco might make its way back onto the market. This didn’t happen though and all we have at the moment are renders of the vehicle from fans.

Fans have also set up a site that is dedicated to the 6th gen version of the Bronco, which does go to show that there is a lot of love for the vehicle.

People want the Ford Explorer RS to come to the market as many think that it would be the perfect SUV for driving around in winter. The vehicle would be superb driving on the roads in ice and snow.

The Ford Bronco and Ford Explorer RS are two vehicles that are different from each other but they do happen to share a driving experience that is amazing.

But would you rather have the Ford Explorer RS or would you like to be driving around in the Ford Bronco?