2017 Ford Bronco Raptor Limited Thought To Be Coming Soon

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Despite the fact that the Ford Bronco hasn’t been around for many years people haven’t given up on seeing the vehicle come back to the roads. There has been talk that it could arrive by way of the 2017 Ford Bronco Raptor limited edition.

People were hoping that the Bronco would come to the North American Auto show and then make its way out to dealers but this is something that never happened. We haven’t heard anything from Ford either so all we have at the moment are rumors and talk about what might come our way.

One of the biggest rumors is that it will arrive in the shape of the 2017 Ford Bronco Raptor limited edition and it could have the concept of the Ford Atlas, this is a concept that was seen on the Ford F-150 Raptor.

So are you waiting to hear about the Ford Bronco and are you going to be happy to see it arrive in the form of the 2017 Ford Bronco Raptor limited edition?

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