2017 Ford Bronco Looks Like A Jeep Renegade But More Retro (Concept)

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Everyone’s been waiting for the Ford Bronco to appear but it just is too stubborn to flaunt its hotness around; it’s just not ready yet. It hasn’t been appearing at any of the recent auto shows which we had high hopes that it would. As much as we are disappointed by the fact that it hasn’t show up, let’s just take a moment to appreciate renders created instead.

The renders shown in this post were created by fans and this just validates how much they would go all the way in supporting their favourite Bronco; it gives you the literal feeling of “Bronco 4 Lyfe” and we think these devoted fans have managed to achieve it. Have a look at the render uploaded on the Bronco6G fan forum below, and you’ll bet Ford’s going to steal some ideas here and there.

bronco black

It looks the part and feels the part; there’s a sense of boldness and as though it’s roaring at you for some strange reason. There’s nothing to dislike about it since a design like that could definitely make a strong presence in the SUV market when the Bronco officially returns, especially how it bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the Jeep Renegade as well. Don’t you think so too?

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