2017 Dodge Viper: Buyers Are Given One Last Chance

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You cannot say that the Dodge Viper is just an ordinary vehicle when you take into account the big sales surge following the release of five special editions of the vehicle for 2017. This was the companies way of offering buyers one last chance before saying farewell. The vehicle may have a future, however, it will only be in the special edition.

It has been a very popular choice among the wealthy as all of the five unique 206 version have sold out fast; in some cases it took just a matter of hours.

Due to the fact that the 2017 Dodge Viper sold out so fast, leaving many upset, the FCA is giving people another chance by way of 31 sixth models with the name of Snakeskin ACR.

This means that that there is a demand for the Viper, sort of, as it gets the attention of people as a limited edition model that is exclusive and which comes with bespoke styling and parts. This exclusiveness does mean that they can sell the vehicle at steeper prices of course, way over the $120,000 for the top of the range ACR.

There are some who will keep their money in their pockets though due to the fact that the 2017 Dodge Viper lacks the automatic transmission option along with dual-clutch.

But what are your thoughts on the future of the 2017 Dodge Viper, should it make a return?

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