2017 Dodge Hellcat Lucifer Gets Bean Spilt

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We saw a video emerge online recently that showed us what may be the engine that was taking over from the one in the 2017 Dodge Hellcat along with the Charger. Lots of people thought it was true as we have been hearing for some time that the vehicle is going to be given a V8 engine.

Now it has been revealed that the story about the engine was in fact nothing more than an April Fools joke and it wasn’t the engine for the 2017 Dodge Hellcat and Dodge Charger at all. The engine that was shown in the story was that of the Mercedes Benz M278 and it was the twin turbocharged engine.

There are many who would like to see a high performance twin turbocharged engine in the 2017 Dodge Hellcat and Charger and that it may be the 800 horse engine. However we do know one thing for sure, it isn’t going to be the one from a vehicle that dates back to 2010.

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