2017 Chrysler Pacifica: Semi-Autonomous Hybrid?

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The first self-driving Chrysler Pacifica vans that have been developed by Google have been spotted out on the roads in prototype form. These help the fleet of cars that self-drive to go over the 2 million mark, following 7 years of being on the road.

Google has been boosting their efforts to deploy more vehicles out onto the roads and the latest is a partnership with Fiat-Chrysler. Together they have built the self-driving Chrysler Pacifica, which is the new plug-in hybrid minivan and we have seen prototypes of them out in Mountain View.

There has been speculation that the Google self-driving technology in the Chrysler Pacifica could eventually lead to a consumer version of the semi-autonomous vehicle making its way out.

At the moment Google has 100 Chrysler Pacifica self-driving minivans and the prototypes are a huge addition to their fleet of self-driving cars. The Pacifica vehicles join the line-up which includes 24 Lexus RX450h SUVs along with 34 prototypes of their own design in Mountain View, Austin, Phoenix and Kirkland.

The Chrysler Pacifica self-driving vehicle shows us that Google is aiming to ensure the system is commercialization friendly and the sensor on the roof is smaller than that on other vehicles. This could be an indication that we may see a Pacifica with the self-driving system eventually make its way to the consumer.

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