2017 Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3: An Electrifying Fight!

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General Motors has high hopes in stealing Tesla’s thunder with its Chevrolet Bolt, that is, if it manages to knock down the “most profound car” ever. Tesla CEO Elon Musk stands firm on his belief that the Model 3 could gain the top spot in the EV market when it releases in March this year (while Chevy’s due to release end of the year).

Both would be matching up favourably, and we’ll look into some categories that differs them from one another. In terms of their price points, the Model 3 is surprisingly set at about $2000 less than that of the Bolt, with $35,000 and $37,500 respectively. And it’s good to know that both these EVs will be eligible for federal tax credits in the US, with savings of up to $13,000 depending on the state.

The Model 3 is also expected to be about 20 percent lighter than the Model S, and Tesla has already established locations with charging stations that could juice up to 80 percent in about 40 minutes. And while the Bolt could be equipped with a quick-charge outlet that enables 30 minutes of charging to produce enough reserves to travel up to 90 miles.

But then again, it seems as though the Bolt would have something more to prove here, despite Tesla has always been regarded as a company with a position of strength. So, which of the two are you more excited to see in the showrooms?

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