2017 Chevrolet Volt Cannot Help Laughing At Nissan Leaf 60kWh Battery

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When it comes to the plug-in electric market generally you would think that the most unique vehicle is going to be the one that offers up cool looks or the best technology. However it’s not as the best is the vehicle that offers up the most impressive internal setup. This has had the Chevrolet Volt laughing at competition which has been chasing the range.

The Chevrolet Volt has been laughing at the Nissan Leaf in particular as Nissan has been working on offering better range year after year. They have taken a stance on a gas helped powertrain that has left it lagging behind the Volt and its 420 mile range.

Some people have said that the Nissan Leaf offers up more efficiency, however in the long run this hasn’t prove to be true as the battery degrades faster thanks to the extreme temperatures.

In early 2012 it was revealed that the Nissan Leaf battery degraded in the heat in Texas and California and this was down to improper active cooling.

The same is said in the winter months as the hatchback tends to lose range when warming up the battery. There is a 60kWh battery heading our way on the 2017 version but people are skeptical about this until they see it.

When it comes to the Chevrolet Volt the opposite is true. It hardly needs the oil changing on the gas engine and many owners have said that it runs for years without having to change the oil more than a couple of times and the battery hardly degrades.

At the moment GM produces battery packs for the first generation of the Chevrolet Volt for warranty claims. At the moment though, zero warranty action has been taken. The Voltec powertrain is setup as such that it offers efficiency and adaptability and over time this means that the battery nor the gas engine is strained enough so that they wear out.

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