2017 Chevrolet SS: It’s Not Over Just Yet

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The Chevrolet SS offers 415 horses and 415 torque but production of it is going to be stopped soon. GM is going to close the order books once the production cap of 3,000 units has been reached, but it’s not quite over yet.

The production of the Chevrolet SS was supposed to cease when it reached 2,000 units. However the demand for it spiked in the US and the company made another 1000 left hand drive units.

It’s not over just yet though for the Chevrolet SS as while all of the allotted vehicles have been sold out, many of them have been bought by dealers in the US instead of private buyers.

If you were hoping to buy one this is good news of course but then as the vehicles are rare they are going to have a huge price tag attached to them.

Chevrolet decided to stop production of the Chevrolet SS as it had been selling very poorly since it came to the market in 2014. Less than 10,000 vehicles have been produced and managed to be sold.

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