2017 Chevrolet Colorado, Equinox Back GM’s EV Future

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It is clear that automakers are taking EV vehicles more seriously now and most of them are working towards offering more EVs in the near future but unlike automakers like Tesla who are still trying to gain a profit from all the vehicles they make, GM has a plan to churn out their next batch of EV without digging into their own pocket.

With the sudden rise in demand for SUVs and pickup truck models, GM has revealed that they plan to use the profit they make from these SUVs and pickup trucks to develop their EV and fuel cell vehicles for the future.

GM also added that they plan to release 20 EVs and Fuel cell model by 2023. They also added that they think electric vehicles are going to be profitable in the future. We have already seen where GM is going with EV with the release of the new Bolt but we will still have to wait and see if this all works out for GM at the end of the day.

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