2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Worth 200 Miles In The Cold?

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Recently a journalist wanted to know if the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt would offer a range of 200 miles when driving in the cold. The test was actually cut short by a first; this was the first reported crash of a Bolt vehicle. But how did he get on before the crash?

Mark Phelan of the Detroit Free Press wanted to test drive the Chevrolet Bolt to find out if he could get 200 miles out of it while the bitterly cold weather sapped the charge of the vehicles battery.

On the first day of driving the Chevrolet Bolt he covered 90 miles and the charge gauge told him that he had more than 100 miles range left. The range meter had said 192 miles when he picked the vehicle up with what had been said to be a full charge, this was less than 20% before the EPA. This was somewhat disappointing but not that surprising as the temperature was bitter at around 11F.

The fan was set to low and Phelan relied on the steering wheel heater and seat heater to keep the cabin comfortably warm. The Chevrolet Bolt was more efficient when off the expressway he noticed.

Phelan said that he had gone 90 miles and had 103 projected left to do when the Chevrolet Bolt was rear ended. So he didn’t get to find out if he would have got around 200 miles from a charge on a bitterly cold day.

He did say that he thought, and others have said it too, that the estimated range of the Chevrolet Bolt is always on the pessimistic side. Therefore he does believe that if the estimated range was 103 miles left he could have driven 200 miles total despite the weather being very cold.

Do you think the Chevrolet Bolt would offer a range of 200 miles in very cold weather? Perhaps you have done your own test, if so let us know.

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