2017 Chevrolet Bolt: Volt May Be Too Much For It

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The Chevrolet Volt has been on the market for some years now and when a vehicle has been out for a while we expect the sales to decline somewhat. This is where the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt comes in, but it may prove to be very difficult for the Bolt thanks to the fact that the Volt managed to break sales records.

The highest sales record for the Chevrolet Volt was in 2012 and Chevrolet sold 3351 units of the Volt. Before the end of 2016 Chevrolet managed to break all the records as they sold 3691 units of the Volt during December.

Of course the Chevrolet Bolt is relatively new to the market but Chevrolet is hard at work on ensuring that the vehicles get into all US states. Whether the vehicle is going to have what it takes to reach the numbers of sales that the Volt has managed remains to be seen but it is hoped so.

But what are your thoughts on the Chevrolet Bolt, will it be able to match the sales of the Chevrolet Volt?

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