The concept for the Chevrolet Volt was shown off back in 2007 and then the vehicle launched a few years later. The price tag wasn’t cheap but it did manage to sell well and so GM came up with the next generation vehicle. The Volt was also the foundation for the Chevrolet Bolt, which has been the first long range affordable electric car in the world. However the Bolt was less risky than the Volt, as the company had plenty of experience working on the Volt.

The director of global battery systems and hardware engineering said that without the Chevrolet Volt, the company wouldn’t have had the confidence needed to go ahead and make the Chevrolet Bolt. He went to explain that they had invented the process of the first generation of the Volt from nothing. When it came to developing the Bolt the company was a lot wiser.

The Chevrolet Bolt has seen GM reach the top of the electric car segment and the Bolt has been without competition. They have even managed to beat Tesla, has they have launched the Bolt before the Tesla Model 3.

So the next time that you get behind the wheel of your Chevrolet Bolt, remember that you have the Chevrolet Volt to thank.

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