The Chevrolet Bolt has been something of a game changer for GM and the carmaker wants consumers to begin looking at the Bolt as being just another standard vehicle.

The chief engineer of the Chevrolet Bolt said that if you want the masses to be interested in a vehicle then it can’t be quirky. He went on to say that there are many people who like the vehicle not just because of its zero emissions but simply because of the way that it drives.

Quirkiness has always been something that has been associated with hybrid and plug-in vehicles; you can see this with the Toyota Prius. Chevrolet wants something different though. They want the Chevrolet Bolt to be seen as a mainstream EV with a price tag of $40,000.

It was said that the Chevrolet Bolt does offer up a unique styling and it comes with features that people are used to having, apart from the 10.2 inch touchscreen display of course and the 960lbs battery.

The Chevrolet Bolt is marketed as a small crossover which comes with some distinct features. It is a spacious vehicle inside and it is versatile. The design director said that the aim of the Bolt was to make an EV what was special instead of standing out as being weird.

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