2017 Buick Envision: Cheaper Ain’t Always Better

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There is a saying that cheaper isn’t always better and in the case of the 2017 Buick Envision this is true. The vehicle comes in with a price tag of $35k and this means that it is cheaper than the Audi Q5 at $40k and the BMW X3 at $39. Both these vehicles are rivals that are more expensive, however in the long run they may be worth the extra cash.

The Buick Envision is available in a choice of two engines, the 2.5 litre I-4 which is naturally aspirated and gives out 197 horses as the entry level and the 2 litre turbocharged I-4 which offers 252 horses. Both come with six speed automatic gears.

The 2.5 litre is of course the cheapest but it is let down by limited power and the engine has to work very hard. This means that there is plenty of noise, harshness and vibration, more so felt in the driver’s seat, and its loud and coarse on the throttle.

The turbocharged engine of the Buick Envision fares a bit better but it’s not great. It is a bit quieter but remains coarse when going over 2,5000rpm. What both engines suffer from is poor driving experience, the steering feedback is lacking with no feel.

At first the seating of the Buick Envision feels ok but go a few miles more and the suspension is left feeling every bump in the road long after you went over it. While it offers up active noise cancellation and acoustic laminated glass, it isn’t quiet in the cabin either. The tire noise and wind noise can be heard in the cabin, more so when travelling on the freeway.

All in all the Buck Envision may be cheaper than rivals but then it looks and feels it. Even the wood trim in the cabin takes on a cheap and nasty look. If you are looking for a vehicle in the region of $35k you might want to save a little more and go with the BMW X3 instead.

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