2017 Bugatti Chiron Might Have Too Low Price Tag For Its 1500 Horses

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There are not that many vehicles that actually offer the massive amounts of power that they are hyped up to have. One exception to this is the Bugatti Chiron as it offers 1500 horses. It took over from the 1200 horses offered by the Bugatti Veyron.

The Bugatti Chiron arrived at the Geneva Motor Show showing off its horses along with its exotic looks and the asking price is $2.7 million. In effect this meant that out of the thousands of people who attended the show, only around 1% could own the vehicle.

The asking price is more than the $1.7 million that the Bugatti Veyron was and Bugatti did have some issues in selling the 450 units that were made. You would think with an additional one million on the price tag of the Chiron they would have even more issues selling it.

This isn’t so though as already 200 orders of the Bugatti Chiron have been made out of the 500, with a deposit of $225, 000 USD. So it could be a case of perhaps the Chiron has too low of a price tag?

The Bugatti Chiron does offer up looks that are superb along with lots of power so it could just be that those who can afford the price tag just couldn’t resist upgrading.

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