2017 BMW 5-Series: Less Support Than E-Class

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The 7th generation of the BMW 5-Series was recently revealed and it came with packed with plenty of technology. But recently a poll was taken which revealed the popularity of the vehicle and it seems that it isn’t as popular as the E-Class.

Many people who took part in the poll, 37%, went for Maybe as their answer as to whether they would purchase the BMW 5-Series. So this isn’t good for the car maker, who surely would have wanted a bigger score than that. Only 18% gave a positive Yes and 29% said Not a chance. 16% of people said that they didn’t know one way or another.

The BMW 5-Series takes after the 7-Series and this really isn’t such a bad thing. However Mercedes might be disappointed with the results of the poll as they have been launching vehicles that have been hits with the consumer’s year over year.

For now we will just have to wait to see how it goes for the BMW 5-Series when the vehicle comes out in 2017. But would you purchase it?

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