2017 Audi Q7: Unidentified Object That’s Hidden Gets All The Attention

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If you own the 2017 Audi Q7 you might be interested to know that there is an unidentified hidden object in the seat of your car.

You might want to open the driver’s seat and take a look at a strange looking object that is underneath the seat. At the moment what the purpose of the object is remains a mystery.

No one has been able to tell us what the device offers and this has now turned into a big discussion on the forums. You can check the image of the device that is causing concern below.

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We did ask a sales rep at a dealership what the strange device from the seat of the Audi Q7 is and he couldn’t give us an answer. Perhaps it is a seat sensor; others say that perhaps it’s a reserve battery. Maybe it could be a GPS tracker?

We have sent an email to Audi and we are waiting to get an answer back as to what the mysterious device is, but perhaps you already know what it is?

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