2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Dropped: Kill It With Fire!

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia production model was kept out of sight all this while and with its recent show debut all eyes are on when we can finally see one on the road.

Well the folks over at YasidDESIGN have taken it one step further and created a render of what it may look like after it hits the customizers. And all we have to say is please don’t.

This Alfa Romeo Giulia will no doubt turn heads but we are not sure it does justice to its Italian styling. In fact it is less Lambo and more Nissan GT-R with this customisation. What do you think?

The two-door modification is without a doubt a nice touch to this Alfa Romeo Giulia along with the drop in height. But we are not too sure of the color, sideskirts, wheel arches and rear cosmetics.

What are you thoughts on this Alfa Romeo Giulia render? Is it a go or no? Sound off in the comments below.

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