2016 Volkwagen Golf vs Honda Fit: Fight!

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If you’re looking for a cross between a commuter car and a family car, consider between the 2016 Volkswagen Golf and 2016 Honda Fit. And as much as they’re both well worth for your time, there’s still a clear winner among the two. We’ll get right to that after making some comparison in several factors.

While both of them are essentially pretty fuel-efficient, the power difference is largely staggering. The Golf is powered by a 1.8L engine that offers up to 170 horsepower, whereas the Honda Fit’s 130 horsepower 1.5-litre engine shows that the former is a more quicker and responsive vehicle, especially when you add in the Golf’s 200ft-lbs of torque in contrast with the Fit’s 114.

When it comes to passenger space, the Golf surprisingly provides more ample space than that of the Fit, simply because the former is more well-proportioned. While the Fit is still pretty spacious on its own, the Golf’s interior space brings out a bigger and more comfortable area for occupants to feel at ease.

Let’s not even begin comparing with the cargo room in the Golf. Apparently, the Fit’s cargo capacity is only about two-thirds of that of the Golf, which obviously means you can carry all sorts of cargo without ever compromising the space needed between you and your passengers.

It’s clear that the Golf is a better option than the Honda Fit when it comes to these few aspects. If you have a Golf already, what other features are you proud of that you think is far better than other vehicles?

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