2016 Toyota Tundra: The Disappointment Is Continuing

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There has been a lot of disappointment surrounding the 2016 Toyota Tundra when it comes to highway safety test results. In fact the only truck that did manage to earn itself a good rating in the tests was the Ford F-150. The results of the safety tests showed that the Toyota Tundra really has to pull its socks up in the small frontal overlap test.

The small front overlap test simulates what effects a crash into a telephone pole or tree would have on the vehicle if the vehicle crashed on the front corner.

The Toyota Tundra did manage to get an acceptable score for the double cab, while the CrewMax score was only marginal. The vehicle suffered from poor results for the lower foot and leg.

The double cab in the Toyota Tundra got a good score for the roof strength test and the score of the CrewMax was only acceptable.

This is a disappointment of course as people were hoping that the Toyota Tundra would get a good ratings the same as the Prius.

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