2016 Toyota Tundra Is Surrounded by 359 Issues And Growing

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The issues surrounding the 2016 Toyota Tundra continue and the complaints have now accumulated to around 359 issues.

One owner of the Toyota Tundra said that their vehicle had begun to rust and that they were having issues with the engine of the vehice.

Another owner said that the under carriage of their Toyota Tundra has begun to rust and when they complained they were told that they failed to use the right chemicals to prevent corrosion.

Another driver reported that they had driven for about 200 miles and then they found a vibration in the Toyota Tundra. They took it to the dealership and the dealer said that the issue was in relation to the tires. They had new tires and rims fitted but the vibration still continued. They complained again only to be told that Toyota wasn’t going to do anything about the issue.

So as you can see there are many issues surrounding the Toyota Tundra and they keep growing.