2016 Toyota Tundra: 359 Issues Plus Keep On Rising

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There has been many issues surrounding the 2016 Toyota Tundra and now they are up to 359 and they keep on rising.

One Toyota Tundra owner said that his vehicle has rusted on the under carriage but when they complained they were told that incorrect chemicals had been used and so the vehicle corroded.

Another owner complained about the Toyota Tundra and the fact that after he had driven 200 miles he felt a vibration. They were told that the issue was down to the tires on the vehicle and so had new ones fitted along with rims. The issue still continued on and then Toyota said that they were not going to do anything to repair it and the owner had to deal with it.

So it seems that the issues surrounding the Toyota Tundra are building up and they keep on coming.

Are you the owner of the Toyota Tundra and have you seen any issues with it?

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