2016 Toyota Tundra: 359 Issues & Growing

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It seems like the issues surrounding the 2016 Toyota Tundra are continuing to grow and up to now the list has reached 359.

One owner reported that the Toyota Tundra has started to rust already and they are having issues with the engine of the vehicle.

Another owner also complained about the amount of rust on the under carriage of their Toyota Tundra. They were told that they had not used the correct chemicals and equipment to prevent corrosion.

Yet another owner said that they had driven 200 miles in their Toyota Tundra and then noticed a vibration. The dealer said that the issue was with the tires, new tires and rims were installed by the owner and still the vibration occurred. When they complained again Toyota said that they wasn’t going to do anything to fix the issue and that the person would have to deal with the problem.

So it is looking as though a lot of people are not too happy with their Toyota Tundra. You can check out many other complaints about issues here.

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