2016 Toyota Tundra: 359 Issues And Continuing On

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The issues that have been surrounding the 2016 Toyota Tundra have been continuing and now the count is up to 359.

One of the owners of the Toyota Tundra revealed that their vehicle has already started to rust on the under carriage. When they complained about it they were told that this happened as the correct chemicals hadn’t been used and this is why the corrosion occurred.

Another owner said that they had driven the Toyota Tundra around for about 200 miles and then noticed a vibration. They were told that the issue was due to the tires. However when new rims and tires were fitted the issue still continued. They were then told that Toyota wasn’t going to do anything about the issue and that the person should deal with the issue.

So now the issues are building up and seem to be continuing. These are just a few of the many issues regarding the Toyota Tundra and you can find out more here.