2016 Toyota Tacoma: You Better Think Twice

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You probably would want to stay away from the 2016 Toyota Tacoma because it’s prone for getting speeding tickets while you’re happily speeding on the open roads. Kidding. But then again, it really is a vehicle that’s included in the rankings on top ten most ticketed vehicles. Just be mindful about it if you’ve already purchase one for yourself.

Also worthy to note is that the Tacoma is the only truck in the top 20 most ticketed vehicles, so that alone should be saying something about the dangers of getting the truck. Perhaps it’s been cursed or that it’s prone to make drivers all hyped-up and excited hence a ticket would be on the way. We are kinda leaning towards the latter reasoning, though.

Moreover, its 30% of owners having reported getting a ticket tops the Chevrolet Colorado’s 23.5%, and even Ford F-150’s 23.1%. And the average for all cars is actually only 21%, so those figures alone has already confirmed the embarrassment Tacoma is really getting itself on. It’s kinda basically digging its own grave, to put it in a non-literal sense.

So, you’re probably better off without buying this truck for your own good. You never know if you could be contributing to the ticketing ranks, making it all the way to the top.